Thursday, 15 November 2012

Two Thirds

I’m almost into the final furlong of my imaginary horse race of sobriety. Think of me as a horse and the finishing line as the pint of beer. Got it? Good.

Only four months of sobriety to go until I reach the end of my challenge. Eight months has gone fast, a lot faster than I anticipated it would, and on the whole a lot easier than I first envisaged.

I’ve been asked the same question a couple of times this week – will I go back to drinking when I finish? As time goes on this gets harder to answer as my views on alcohol have changed a lot.

Do I need to drink?

Do I want to drink?

I will have a pint on 24th March 2013 as it will be symbolic. A pint of Guinness raised up to the sky with raucous cheers and applause from the on looking crowd, marking the end of my year of sobriety. The stuff movies are made of...

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